Local government presents pennants in recognition of Hangda's volunteer work
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On April 13, 2020, director Wu Shuili, member of Wuhan CPPCC, together with Secretary Wei of Jinyinhu Huacheng Community, and others visited Wuhan Hangda Aero Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. to express sincere gratitudes and greetings to Hangda for its voluntary service during the epidemic period.

Be a pioneer in fighting the epidemic, serving residents. During the period of the COVID-19 epidemic, while striving to fight its own anti epidemic defense, Hangda also actively organized some employees to participate in volunteer service in Huacheng community. They were busy in various districts of the community, participating in daily work such as purchasing and distributing vegetables and medicines for residents, disinfection prevention and control, temperature measurement, and promotion of epidemic prevention regulations and requirements, etc. Moreover, Hangda also insisted on providing community workers and volunteers with caring meals from its own canteen, donating caring vegetables to the elderly in the community or residents with limited mobility, and delivering them to their homes, providing great support and help for the community to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

Director Wu said that the spirit of responsibility and dedication of Hangda volunteers is touching, and we should continue to carry forward in the future work and life. Do a good job in joint prevention and control, do a good job in resuming work and production, and fight the epidemic prevention war in Wuhan.

The person in charge of the Administration Department of Hangda expressed his sincere thanks to the community and cadres sinking to the grassroots for their care and help to Hangda during the epidemic period, and said that Hangda would continue to work hard, stand fast at all work posts, and strive for the final victory of the fight against the epidemic.

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