Twenty years of eventful, twenty years of struggle forward.

Setting about from nothing,Hangda company, from small to large, has gone through an ordinary and uneven road of development. Coming of age at 20, for people, is more of relaxed and happy, but for enterprises, it is hard and tortuous. There are impulses and excitement of passion, heaviness and depression of setbacks, pride and self-confidence of achievements, and crisis and worry brought by the ups and downs of the industry.

From Xiangfan to Wuhan, from a dozen people at the beginning to 1200 people today, from the initial entrepreneurial impulse to the current social responsibility, Hangda has been growing and growing in the process of honing, and becoming more and more mature. After years of development, Hangda has gradually built up a good reputation in the industry, and it has gained a broader customer base, won more attention and expectation from colleagues in the industry, and has more multi-dimensional and stronger business capabilities.

Take bronze as a mirror, one can straighten the clothes, take history as a mirror, one can know rises and falls. Looking back at Hangda's past, the ordinary and passionate historical fragments have merged into a history of Hangda's development, a history of struggle. The year of 2020 is special. Novel Coronavirus has brought huge crisis and development pressure to the global economy. On the occasion of 20th anniversary of Hangda, we should learn from the experience, look forward to the future, enhance our awareness of crisis, and move forward steadily. With our knowledge and wisdom, diligence and sweat, tenacity and persistence, let's work together to live up to the trust of customers and the mission bestowed by the times, and continue to strive hard to build Hangda into a first-class scientific and technological enterprise!

Never forget the original aspiration set up in the eventful years, keep forging ahead, and thus the mission can be completed. Share with all the people in Hangda!

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