Wuhan Hangda won the 2018 Honeywell Asia Pacific Channel Partner Award
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On March 26, 2019, Honeywell released the 2018 Honeywell Channel Partner Award, and Wuhan Hangda won its Asia Pacific Partner Award.

Honeywell stated that these award-winning partners are carefully selected companies with unique market influence, good performance, honesty and trustworthiness, compliant operation.

Honeywell considers Wuhan Hangda to be an important partner in providing maintenance services. The professional technology, skilled business knowledge, fast delivery, timely payment and others of Hangda are all best partners of Honeywell, providing important support to Honeywell's customers. Honeywell regards this cooperation as a long-term investment and hopes to upgrade it to a new level in the near future.

Honeywell congratulates all the companies that have won the Honeywell aviation Channel Partner Award 2018, thanks for their efforts, and hopes that together with other channel partners, they will succeed in promoting Honeywell's services, products and technologies in 2019.

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